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What if you went online and you could not get on the internet? The connection is killed and it would take a few more hours to fix it? You have a paper to submit and y

ou have been so dependent on the internet, you totally forgot how to work without one? I do recall having to spend hours going through the dictionary to help me finish my paper when that happend.

Hence, when I stumbled upon a translation software which I can download on my desktop, I could immediately just see how valuable having a translator on my desktop will be.

Introducing Babylon, a powerful yet user friendly translation tool for your desktop.

With Babylon translation software, you can translate words and full texts in over 75 languages, or get dictionary definitions from over 1,400 dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias at one simple click.

Babylon Translation Software that can work right on your desktop and it takes you to a new level when you are dealing with languages online. I had a chance to download it (it is free), and tried out some features. It is fantastic. Well don’t take my word for it. You can download for free.

What is a translator?

It helps you to rephrase and convert languages to another language so you can better understand the meaning.

How will a translator help?

The world is getting smaller with globalisation and the sharing of information through the internet, television and all sorts of broadcasting medium. We are not living alone anymore. People who know us can somehow find us online. The yellow pages are no longer a necessary item on our shelves; the search engines powered by Google, yahoo or msn are the ones that help us look for things we want. You will be reading more and more foreign words in food packaging and brand names. In other words, we bring home foreign words into our homes because now the world understands how to reach over to us with the unique mechanism called digital communication. With translation, you will be better equipped to understand what these foreign words mean?

Is having software better than a book?

Of course it does! Although be caution. Children should never be introduced to the digital translator too early because it makes them illiterate in a way. Why? Well the muscular memory of going pages of the dictionary to find the meaning or spelling of words is an exercise for the brain and help to improve long term memory. Kids who are given the easy way out, by way of using the digital dictionary, is not exercising the part of the brain that stores knowledge in their long term memory. To understand how this works, you may wish to read the related post to memory on this website.

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