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Baby Animals and human babyA comparison of animals and humans at birth.

The adult animal raises its newborn by instinct. Upon deliverly, the baby animal is expected to walk , swim or fly like the adult. Small in size but ready to move by the time they are brought to the world. In other words, the new baby animal is always ready to be left to its own defences at birth. That’s how animals are able to leave their babies to the wild so early in their natural environment. Even the baby turtles have to find their way to the waters’ edge by themselves. Many do not survive as the vultures know when it is hatching season. 

Baby animals immediately take up the form of the adult. The kittens, chicks, puppies , baby elephants and giraffes all learn to walk immediately after birth. Whereas the human babies take a longer time to grow into the adult form which in all cases, do not look a good ‘copy’ of their parents. 

So understandably, the nurturing process takes longer for the human baby than the animals. Brings me to another point.

Bringing the child to school separates this process of raising smart and goal- oriented kids who want to enjoy learning. How often do we hear parents feeling frustrated and helpless almost of a situation about their children not performing at school? All too often. That’s because the process is disturbed.

I don’t think schools are bad but the idea of taking away the kids from their natural environment to a prepared one , does interrupt the process of growth.

It’s so important to #connect with the child as soon as he/she is born.  In the case of the human babies, we have the resources to be more creative. We can prepare the environment just for the child to grow. We build kindergartens, playgrounds, schools, gymnastics and parks for our children. 

How To Connect With Your Baby

# sing to your baby

# hold the baby close to you when you breastfeed

# carry the baby close to you when you walk and sit

# make eye contact with the baby

# sleep when the baby sleeps

# go about your life as you usually do , you life does not have to change around the baby, you need to adjust

# speak in easy , simple and complete sentences to encourage good speech

Being a better parent has nothing to do with your qualifications at school. Your exposure to life experiences are valuable to your child’s growth. You won’t have to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars to have your baby sleeping comfortably in your arms. All you need, is breastmilk. That is we share with the animals which are called mammals. Apart from that, everything else as explained in the chart will explain to you quite clearly that the human baby is different from the baby animal.