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Here is an example of how you can collaborate at real time with your language partner online. And you can get it for free without having to download any application. To get started, you need to have:

  1. a good internet connection
  2. headset with speaker and
  3. a language partner

For this session, we are going to use a web based processor called the EtherPad . As Etherpad does not require prior signing up, you can invite as many people as you like to your public pad. My language partner was a native Beijing Chinese who happened to have contacted me to help him with his English Pronunciation.

My entries were highlighted in beige and his entries were in blue. It worked very much like a normal wordprocessing application except that we could both alter data simultaneously just as if we were in the same meeting room using a single whiteboard.

A chatroom widget can be seen on the right side which allows the other participants to raise questions or discuss on the side.

After the session closes, the participants can playback, fast forward or rewind the session to recap using a ‘Time Slider’ icon found at the menu bar. The session is also downloadable as HTML, public text, document or pdf format.

If you get disconnected, all you have to do is reenter the room again. It happened several times to my partner during our session but he said it was due to his internet connection.

This site was introduced by Kwan Tuck Soon. Thank you for sharing.