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This is just how we started learning from our teachers and parents. We peer through the hands that feed us and watch how every single stroke of the word gets written on paper. In our very own mind, we create impressions of what eventually become the memory ready to be retrieved whenever the images strike again.


If any word were spoken in the process, the melodious sounds of our parents’ and teachers’ voices gave us security and assurance that we are doing just fine. And we strive and live on.


How does the teaching take place?


The child sits on the dominant side of the teacher (I suggest the lady in the picture is a teacher, notice the whiteboard in the background.) Sometimes the teacher sits on the dominant side of the child. Most importantly the child has full view of what you are trying to show them.


There is complete silence as the written word is inscribed on the paper. It cultivates and develops the habit of silent learning. “Watch me carefully and you can do it by yourself.”


The teacher is simply dressed, natural without full make up and hair nicely tied up. Personal accessories and adornment will distract attention.


If you are conducting the session with one kid, you go down to her level. Sit down on the floor with her. If you are addressing more than one kid in the classroom, by all means use one of the chairs so your face will be visible to the entire class.

Who inspires you the most during your childhood? None other than the parents who fed you and teachers who guided you. The child forms his language (Click to read more) in silence.