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I can’t tell you how proud I am and trying to stay present to my own life and responsibilities and be satisfied with Sms communication every couple days and FaceTime once a week or 2! lol he’s too busy to fit me in anymore than that! I guess I gotta be grateful that my 16 yr old will at least text me his news when I ask for it! -Lia Zalums

Lia Zalums, a parent recently sent her son to compete in the Rocky Mountains freestyle moguls competition in Colorado. He is doing well and enjoying the elite athlete lifestyle. In her comments on #psgonfacebook group Lia had posted this comment which is very powerful.

I feel in my guts that this is the single line that we as parents should feel comfortable to say each day about parenthood and I hope to use this a lot more myself.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am ….” that my “son/daughter” came to hug me after he/she woke up in the morning and kissed me good morning.

It goes beyond ‪#‎gratitude‬ .

It goes deeper than ‪#‎blessing‬.

It reaches further than ‪#‎touch‬.

It feels better than a ‪#‎celebration‬.

There are so many ways a parent says to us, ” I can’t you how proud I am.”

– taking snapshots of you singing and dancing

– speaking spontaneously about your silliness at baking, folding

– holding hands with you even when you are an adult

– coming home with lots of food ready to share with the family.

How many ways can you tell your children “how proud you are”? You do it every day and we can’t tell you how proud we are of you.

I have since adopted “I Can’t Tell You How Proud I Am” as the sub tagline for #childhoodspeech to empower parenting.