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There are only two names that keep appearing in my head today, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. In an effort to avoid reading or watching anymore news on television about them, I browse for activities to keep busy doing other things. That is what our brain needs isn’t it? A rest or do something different so mentally we can relax and deal with other thoughts. When we conscioulsy look for outside stimuli, our brain cognitively responds and calls out the other physical functions (eyes, ears, fingers etc.) to act.

We are also aware that the older we become, our brain tends to slow down if we do not make an effort to exercise it. Exercising the brain does not mean engaging in games that test our speed, strength and flexibility such as mastering chess or competing against some artificial intelligence like Nintendo games. In fact, not all computer games help improve our brain functions. Some have already led the gamer to think out and away from the box, resulting in fatal and damaging consequences. Remember the case of the 17 year old boy who killed his mother because he was not able to play Halo3?

The exercises used to improve brain cognitive functions are indeed simpler than we imagine. By ‘improve’, it literally means to make better. The brain can be retrained with appropriate stimuli which are function specific: memory, attention, processing speed and cognitive control. There is a science behind games engineered to help improve such functions.

I stumble upon Limousity, a site which helps you do this simple task of taking care of your brain’s health. On Limousity, you can find 10 minute workout sessions. The games are not  brain teasers but actual scientific programmes to stimulate your brain.  The games focus on specific congitive brain functions such as verbal fluency, arithmetics, spatial intelligence and memory works.


Here’s a sample: Word Bubbles game, which tests one’s English language fluency. For each session, you will be given the first 3 letters and you can make as many words as possible using the 3 letters within a certain amount of time. This game helps to improve processing speed with verbal languages.

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