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Let me tell you my one big excuse and five good reasons why I have not been blogging here.

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The five good reasons:

1. We moved to a new apartment. The whole process took about 3 days but the lead up to the move, unpacking, rearranging and settling down have taken much longer. The waiting period after to completion is 6 months! Well we are finally in our new abode and I can now sit and write in peace, away from the main living room where I used to sit.

2. We went to Bali for our holidays. It was a short 4 days 3 nights trip. The highlight of the visit was definitely a tour of the Royal Palace called Puri Kaba Kaba which is said to have been built by a very renowned King who owned the vast padi fields in that area. Puri Kaba Kaba is now home for the descendants of this royal family and we have been given royal treat during our visit with dances, food and a tour of the palace grounds.

3. The new school term began about 3 weeks ago. I have to play mum to my daughter and get her settled in her new school, new school uniform and books. She cried after she returned home from school on her first day! “Teacher was very strict and was very angry with the kids.” “Oh dear.” I thought to myself. “Not a good way to start a new term, is it?” So I had to speak with the lead teacher (form teacher) and explained that she is a transfer student and is not expecting the welcome she got on her first day. All has gone well after speaking to the teacher, and she is now looking more relaxed and excited to be in school.

4. One of my siblings has to undergo a major operation, colonscopy. It happened on the day before my big move . For those who do not know about the illness, let me tell you it is something you will have to deal with for a lifetime. When your intestine is perforated, it destroys the process of digestion. After surgery, you will still experience post-operative fever, inability to eat properly and so much pain from surgical wounds. It is worse than delivery by ceasarian birth; at least we (the mothers) can still eat and are expected to eat in order to breastfeed our babies. Your digestive system is the tank that holds the oil which needs to start your engine. If your digestive system is messed up,, it is like having a broken oil tank, especially if it has leaked. Without lubricant or oil, machines cannot get used. If food is not consumed, the body cannot function. I ask for your prayers.

5. I have plantar fasciitis, a heel spur. It hurt so badly even when I sit down. So I am now on medication. The funny thing about this problem is, it stops hurting as soon as you start walking and blood starts to pump through the veins and muscles start to get used. But as soon as I try to get out of bed after laying down for hours sleeping through the night, the pain can be excruciating. Not a good way to welcome the morning, every morning. Sitting for long hours at the desk is also not good. So to help reduce the pain, I have to keep moving. If I keep moving, there is no way I can sit down and start writing. My solution? I start to exercise every morning, low impact workouts. Half an hour everyday on 6 different exercise stations. So far so good, I have managed to keep my weight down.

The Big Excuse?

The iphone apps. I am glued to my iphone (like the big mother elephant is to the little baby elephant) as it is the easiest device I can take with me around the house when I am sitting, eating or even just laying down in bed getting ready to sleep. And there is one particular app that keeps me away from opening my laptop. Wordwithfriends. The free version , even with the ads, offer so much entertainment for the mind, especially for those who love word games. I don’t know about you, but I have at least 3 iphone apps that give me word for word entertainment: Wordwithfriends, Scramble2 and Word Warp.

You’ve heard me. I enjoy what I do, blogging on childhoodspeech. But it has taken a back seat for the past few weeks. There are bigger tasks I have to take care of. It seems that I am hooked on to the iphone, but it is all for the good. I am pleased that I have completed my tasks. Am I ready now to update my blog. What do you reckon? I completed this post in less than 10 minutes. And I used penzu for my draft too!