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It has only been a week since Childhoodspeech started the group “Childhoodspeech: Passionately Supporting Health, Wealth And Education” I am grateful for the testimonials for my support to the parenting in our group. So would like to share one with you here.



10377600_10153042066448504_6431881426930069743_nSerena Low from Agnosco Training and Coaching About Childhoodspeech

I like the motherly feel it has. You’re like a mother with outstretched arms welcoming her children. Also, I love your way with words – you are unafraid to express your true feelings and I like how you have something new and fresh to say everyday, like that time you asked some fellow Singaporeans about the haze. It takes a lot of energy and concentration to keep on top of things when they move so fast. Well done to you and keep it up.


 Today, we discuss #Grow. This is my post at the group.

Friday! How are you? ‪#‎GROW‬ We do become vulnerable in front of our kids, don’t we? Spilling the tea, standing in front of the kitchen door while calling out, “Dinner’s ready”, walking out of the shower room with hair yet uncombed, our heads talking, “I better check on our kids if they had their shower or breakfast.”

We speak strong and cold to get what we need because it helps to suppress our struggles, only to feel more vulnerable later…….Pause, I have managed to stop doing that.

Then there are times we have to cry. That is normal right? It is impossible to grow without shedding a tear in your lifetime. It cleanses the soul. Sometimes, my daughter watched me and she would put a hand on me. That touches me deep. Then a whisper, “Mum.” She lays her head on my lap.

We have grown to norms of a society, called the adult norms. There is no other way to grow except from within, as my body starts to become less able to do the things I could when I was younger.

I started to become a better parent because I let myself become vulnerable in front of people I want to relate to…that is to other parents. I am grateful for my growth. ‪#‎gratitude‬ in ‪#‎growth‬. How about you?

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Post by Hanifa K. Cook.