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Today, as I was browsing through my website, I discovered this old post. The site Second Life has apparently been taken down. So as you read this post, you will notice that I have removed all the links. But I like to keep this post up so others will know that this site no longer exist. The experience, however, has been interesting. …

When I was first introduced to second life, I had no inkling as to what “secondlife” might mean. I gave it a wild guess before responding to my friend’s message on twitter. “@hiannie Are you joining second life? #secondlife.” a friend shouted on twitter.

My respond to that was, “I am enjoying my second life.” I started listing down words that start with the letter ‘s’. Words like “sweet, singing, satisfied, songs, singer, sassy, surreal, serene”. Then the hashtag discussions #sl keeps appearing on my twitter timeline as friends begin to speak about their second life parties and meetings. I thought, “Wait a second. Am I missing something here?”

So I went about finding more information with my friends on twitter. Apparently, it is a sort of virtual environment that allows the user to transform into an animated figure, socialise and explore in that environment as they would in real life when they go out shopping, dancing, studying or attending a meeting. I was unimpressed at first because I had to first learn some new technical jargons before I could start to enjoy myself.

The steps are easy as pie, once you have got it installed:
1. ** No downloads are needed.

Download the application to your desktop. Be warn, it is huge. I have already got lots of Mandarin programmes loaded on my laptop, so when I got the application installed and started using it, the programme crashed a few times while I was in second life.

2. Oh this should be step one. You have to create an account first of course. You can choose to look like anyone or anything with a handsome avatar. Your name on second life is different from your real name. It is imagination unlimited.

Here’s the childlike bit. You can fly from places to places (I forgot to stop flying and was caught hovering over my friend when I met her. ) or be teleported to another location. The next thing you know you are sitting at a campsite with your friend, like how I did today with @barbaska.

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 06 19.54Watch this video here.

If you think you are bored with all the chatrooms that don’t let you do the walking, writing, typing, chatting, drinking (not sure that would be possible in the virtual world), and flying, check out second life. You may feel you are in an arcade at first but this is way better than the arcade. Less noise, more activity which spark your imagination in ways that even a kid would want to site beside you while you play.

I have yet to meet the other fellow English teachers who have been waiting impatiently for me to get in secondlife: @Aniya and @ShellTerrel.