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Dedicated to the late Mr Michael Jackson

When news of Michael Jackson’s death was broadcast, I could not believe what I heard. I know that name, Michael Jackson. He is the black guy whose records my brother had brought home when we are teenagers. At that time, our parents were confused and concerned over this newfound obsession with western music, song and dance. We were teenagers, my siblings and I; we understood the message in the music like Bad, Thriller and Heal The World. What I thought we were most connected to was neither his dancing nor singing; it was his music videos and concert performances.

Michael Jackson – Childhood, Genius

The story of Michael Jackson’s (his Muslim name is “Mikaeel”) childhood touches me most. I published news of his auction in Feb 2009. Then I wrote: “We all know how childhood will affect the way we carry ourselves during adulthood, but none...

Micheal Jackson Auction 2009

It’s going going on! The King Of Pops who is better recognised as just Michael Jackson, the man whose face has been changed more times than we can remember, is now on the limelight again. Is his health ailing? Is he going to court again? Whatever the reasons,...

Brain Exercises To Improve Cognitive Functions

There are only two names that keep appearing in my head today, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. In an effort to avoid reading or watching anymore news on television about them, I browse for activities to keep busy doing other things. That is what our brain needs...