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Please read “8 Ways To Creativity If Schools Potentially Kill It (1)” first.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

If parents and teachers are facilitators of children education and his environment, they ought to be responsible to avoid this from happening. I have met many parents who are at wits end trying to get their kids to focus on their studies. In the end they send their kids to tuition centres or start talking about how schools are getting too hard for their kids so much so they have lost interest in learning. The children are given tests, homework and projects week after week throughout their term which make learning at school anything but fun. Teachers become less creative in approaching the delivery of the subjects. Parents notice that their kids are listless, disobedient and unco-operative at home. The so-called ‘good kids’ are the ones who have poor social skills because they spend most their days studying and playing with their Xbox games.

Despite all the talk about how schools may be killing creativity, there is a section in our society who has learned to overcome the challenge. These are people who have faith in the education system. For them, passing and failing are matters to be handled by the school board whereas creativity is the natural outcome as a result of experience upon the environment. The environment in this case is the home environment where the kids come home to rest after a hard day’s work at school. These parents believe in helping and supporting their kids at home while the teachers support them at school. It is collaboration between two partners.

How can we become more creative? Find out next.

How can we become more creative? I think I shall post that tomorrow. In the meantime,