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Are you afraid to post updates or write English online?

Are you fearful of making grammar mistakes because somehow, you tell yourself that your English is not good enough?

We post updates on many social media platforms. The  more you post, the more you are writing. For the most part, composing turns numerous individuals off in light of the fact that to them, it implies you have to think, manufacture ideas, make characters and string occasions. Also, to check for syntax errors, edit or alter. It is not satisfying in the event that you think about the time you have to spend sitting on a seat attempting to get only a post out on the web. So these individuals prefer to post less than two sentences and make peace with themselves with a link. Here you go. If you want to read more, this is the place to read. “On the off chance that you need to peruse more, this is the spot to peruse.”

But this attitude is lazy. When we write, we are serving the need to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions of matters that concern us. Therefore, writing is a way for us to reach out from within ourselves first, cleanse the thoughts, feelings and opinions before we allow others to speak to us. In this way, composing is a route for us to connect from the inside of ourselves to start with, scrub the contemplations, sentiments and feelings before we permit others to address us. If you think of writing in this light,  writing becomes relevant to our internal growth.

Well, the good news.

If you can at least check for grammar mistakes, you won’t be so troubled about composing or writing. You can download the application on your program.

Before I reveal the app I am using, here are two screenshots from Facebook updates and the comment section on my website.

Scr 334 November 22, 2015 08.40 AM



The free version will check all simple grammar errors.  This is sufficient if you are posting comments or updating your status online.

You will see a green button at the bottom right of the box on which you are posting. After you have typed in your message or text, you will be able to use it immediately. Grammarly will request permission to access your browser.



Scr 337 November 22, 2015 09.02 AM

As I am typing this post in my WordPress admin, I can also see a green button on the bottom right of my screen.  Here is a short video of how it looks when it is being used.

You can sign up to use Grammarly for free at the website.  Activate Grammarly for both your browser and windows. Then look for the Grammarly icon onto your browser. That will indicate to you that you have successfully activated Grammarly.

Scr 339 November 22, 2015 10.08 AM


The free version of this app will be able to help you improve your command of the English language because it will help you check for grammar mistakes and suggest corrections. You will feel compensated from utilizing this. I am currently searching for a comparative application for different languages. In the event that you do think about it, do drop me your remarks underneath. Have a pleasant day.