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Childhoodspeech, Success With Languages, celebrate Children’s Day 2009 on 1 October 2009 along with you. Here are 6 top favourites stories, events, pictures and videos of 2009. These are selected based on the simplicity of its message: that there can only be one phase in life that will influence the rest of our lives…our childhood. There’s no other periods in our lives that’s worth cherishing and protecting than childhood.

1. North Korean woman reunites with her 100 year old mother
2. Kidnapped at 11, found 18 years later
3. Two girls having fun in the water on Marina Barrage
4. Sungha Jung: Guitarist
5. Yoo Ee Mun: Blind pianist
6. MaryMargaret and Gabe O’Neil

You will also be inspired by the story of this boy who has been selling on the streets of India. He is a poor kid but he speaks many languages. Watch these videos. I really ought to include him and make this my Top 7 favourites.

Happy Children’s Day!