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Basically when we learn languages, we have to find ways to practice. Here are a few places you can visit to get free language exchange service. I have chosen them based on the following:

1. Interactivity: Can you chat with someone online? Can you read other people’s submissions and make comments on their pieces? Can you submit your writing and request for a review? Is there a whiteboard feature? Can you also draw and type on the whiteboard. How active is the community?

2. Speed of delivery: How fast do my questions get answered by the panel or members of the forum? It is necessary to keep my momentum going, so when we can get quick response, we can learn better.


– Chatrooms: both text and audio with people who are willing to offer time to help you while you are online.

– Free step by step exercises to take you from stage zero.

– Personal rating scale once you’ve completed a stage.

– Email alert to keep you on your toes with your personal progress (yes we forget to exercise too!)

– A social networking platform which means individuals can spend more time getting to know one another.

– Gets you involved with the native culture of the language you are learning.


– If you do not like talking or chatting with people online to improve your language skills, use flashcards.

– Build your confidence for each flashcard you work with.