Tags, Taglines, Tagging, Tagger And Tagged For Price, Facebook, Bag And English (Part 2 Of 2)

If someone tells you they learn about a plane crash (Malaysian Airlines MH370), rarely do they quote the Straits Times papers. It was on the television news and youtube. All it takes is a few search words that are tagged for you to get to the news update.
Can We Teach Kids The Art Of Tagging?

Practical Life Parenting: Mathematics

Mathematics now, like many parents and teachers will tell you, is almost impossible to learn and master. It is literacy based, somewhat technical and undeniably challenging. And these challenges begin as early as pre-primary level. Even with all the mental mathematical skills in the academic world will not help you solve a problem in mathematics if you do not understand the meaning of what is being asked.

Tips On Improving Your English When You Read

How can you improve your English or (other languages for that matter) when you read? Although reading is an essential part of language proficiency development, reading itself does not come natural to many of us. By that, I compare it Read More …

Essential Tips On Reading Effectively

Of the 3 areas of learning languages: read, write and speak, I have encountered greater problems improving my own reading skills than writing and speaking. The kids I have taught also seem to have greater need to receive help in Read More …