Born For This! A Journey To Success In Life, Love And Business

Remembering Childhood Speech Constantly!

by Co-Author Hanifa Kahar (Hanifa K. Cook)

Have you ever suffered losses in life?

Have you lost a person in your relationship, business and family?

Have you felt the kindled spirit taken away from you? You could not get up every day feeling energetic and motivated. You have lost momentum and eagerness to try new things.

Does your body feel lighter but your spirit feels heavier? You lost your appetite. Turn away good healthy food. Delay your meal times, work less and sleep more.

This is not about losing wallets or car keys. This is the kind of losses that nobody should ever wish upon someone else. Because if you did, that would be mean and inhuman. The kind that will either send you coiling up to a corner, screaming out loud inside for a better way out. You have been robbed of the basic human need we call love.

I am a co-author of the book anthology Born for This! The Journey to Success in Life, Love and Business, a book project which talks about overcoming failure in our personal, business and love lives.

My chapter is Remembering Childhood Speech Constantly! In my chapter, I am telling you what triggers my search for the meaning of loss.

I went as far back as my childhood to seek answers to love, life and relationships. I discover there is a voice you can easily tap without using any formal skills. With more than 10 years of teaching experience in education, and nearly 20 long years life experiences, I uncover self-worth, respect and dignity for me to stay in business and remain constantly blessed with opportunities, friendships and fresh new empowering tools.

Why Do I Choose This Particular Chapter For This Book?

For nearly 50 years of my life, I have been speaking in 4 languages and a local dialect but I have never used it to climb the ladder of success. The people who are close to me, had already established standards and expectations for me. I couldn’t cope or meet their standard and expectations. So I had walked away and that started me on a journey of self discovery.

It has led me to a journey to discover love, life and business. I fell many times and rose again.

Be Inspired And Transform

My chapters stands next to 26 other international authors and successful people who have experienced failures themselves. Our rise to success is not incidental or accidental. We rise because falling is no longer an option for us. We see the answers through my life experiences. We become sure of ourselves and certainty shows us the way to our success. Let’s now inspire and transform you.


Sambutlah salam mesra daripada saya.

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The book is available in Singapore for SGD30/- including local postage delivery.


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