Artificial Intelligence Likes Dumb People, Unless You Get Organised

Befriend people who are technological savvy (geeks need some socializing opportunities, so you are doing some deed to them) and ask dumb questions like everyone else who uses iPhone, Microsoft Windows 8 or Google emails. In the world of technology, dumb questions are actually good. It promotes the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’, makes it beautiful too.

Practical Life Parenting: Mathematics

Mathematics now, like many parents and teachers will tell you, is almost impossible to learn and master. It is literacy based, somewhat technical and undeniably challenging. And these challenges begin as early as pre-primary level. Even with all the mental mathematical skills in the academic world will not help you solve a problem in mathematics if you do not understand the meaning of what is being asked.

I Could Not Ask For More; I Do Have A Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter demonstrated this very Chinese saying : 先学做人,再学做事。It means that one must learn to how to behave and conduct oneself as a human being. Then and only then can one learn how to live like one. (take on responsibilities, do things etc.) Yesterday, I had a terrible migraine and this was what happened.

Help Wanted To Learn Similes and Metaphors, Look Up Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”

Similies and metaphors are found in almost every genre of music. From Windows 8 commercial, “Everything At Once” by Lenka to Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”, music gives you so much more than just entertainment .         Hi Jean, Read More …

Singlish, A Brand Of English Language Of Singaporeans, Is Better Than NO English

Singapore is well-known for many things, one of which is ‘Singlish’, a term used to describe a unique brand of English spoken by the general Singaporeans. For Singaporeans, we speak and hear Singlish all the time; it is pointless to Read More …