Free Parenting Talk (Follow the Child) by Hanifa Kahar

June 11, 2015
You are cordially invited to a free talk to the open house event at First Open House by Fun At Giggles!

  • Free Parenting Talk (Follow the Child) by Hanifa Kahar, a published co-author of an international Amazon bestseller Born for This! A Journey To Success in Life, Love and Business from 11 am to 12 pm. Special programmes will be offered to attendees at the workshop.
  • It will feature Play Therapy for children with Autism, ADHD, and Learning Challenges. To find out more on how play can help in your child’s learning development, come down to Fun@Giggles on 28th June from 10am to 3pm.

Limited slots available. Please email us at to register.

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Hanifa K. Cook

A Javanese-Palembang Singaporean, Ms Hanifa K. Cook is a polygot who has been speaking Malay, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, English as well the Hokkien dialect for almost 50 years. She is an inspirational speaker whose lifelong journey in personal growth and development has inspired many of her peers and community to appreciate the power of languages to connect and enlighten minds.

Her parents speak only the Malay and Javanese languages. She and her two siblings often played in the Kampong Glam and Beach Road areas where they spent almost 21 years growing up with their Chinese, Indian and Malay neighbours and friends. The experiences have given her the wisdom to connect with native speakers at the social and cultural levels. In this global social community where everything and everyone is interconnected in a so-called network of things, she shows learners how to use Mandarin and English.

She is the 2016/207 Vice President of Membership at the SCCCI Mandarin Toastmasters Club and has won the first runner-up trophies at the 2016 club and local level speech competitions.

She is the author of “Parenting Inspired! Follow The Path Where The Child Loves To Grow in 2016”, in which she tells her story of a child who inspires the parent, leading to the creation of her flagship work called ChildhoodspeechTM in 2008.

Her past work experience include Media Marketing and Advertising Sales, Marketing Support for international FIDS (Flight Information Display System) developer, Language and Cultural Consultation as well as Teaching and Training.

She develops programmes to promote Education and Training in Speech and Leadership.

身为新加坡爪哇族同胞,从幼稚园起作为华语第二语言的习得者,具有50多年的华文华语学习经验。目前担任新加坡中华总商会华语演讲会会员副会长,胜任讲员及胜任领导。2012起至今,经过五年的专业培训及各种演讲比赛的磨练,在商务汉语听、说、读、写均 已达到四级水平,并能熟练地掌握语言的翻译技能。 2015年获得中华总商会会内及分区演讲比赛会内以及分区的演讲比赛两次亚军的好成绩。

父亲离世30多年后,留下的精神遗产,居然成为推动力, 绵延不断鼓励和不同名族一起生活,适应本地多言种族,多元文的环境,享受一生的幸福。


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