I Am Sorry Mummy

“I Am Sorry Mummy” It can be disheartening if your child does not apologise for mistakes. But what if the so called mistake is a Genuine Mistake. In many cases for a child, they are genuine mistake. If you don’t recognise it, you are in for a lot of problem because you will handling it as if the child knows what he is doing IS wrong.

I Could Not Ask For More; I Do Have A Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter demonstrated this very Chinese saying : 先学做人,再学做事。It means that one must learn to how to behave and conduct oneself as a human being. Then and only then can one learn how to live like one. (take on responsibilities, do things etc.) Yesterday, I had a terrible migraine and this was what happened.

Singlish, A Brand Of English Language Of Singaporeans, Is Better Than NO English

Singapore is well-known for many things, one of which is ‘Singlish’, a term used to describe a unique brand of English spoken by the general Singaporeans. For Singaporeans, we speak and hear Singlish all the time; it is pointless to Read More …

A Demonstration Of Resilience, Not Intelligence

When a child fails to produce good results, it is but a demonstration of her/his inability to engage with her/his environment using her/his natural potential. To say that the child is not intelligent is daylight robbery of her/his personal dignity. Even the humblest of creatures can show signs of intelligence. (Maria Montessori, the Absorbent Mind.)