Pass Down The Books You Neither Read Nor Need

一本书从手中传过时, 感觉二手抱着平稳而不容置喙地姿态接受我的诚意, 到底她会用到吗? 站在她旁边的母亲耳闻目睹, 随口一句:”说谢谢Ms Hanifa. 她读小三,这可以用到。” 孩子低声说谢谢,眼睛望着我的脸部,却不敢对着我说话。 她是学生, 家长做决定, 无法和家长进行谈判。 在我身边才几个月, 舍得忘掉自己是主人, 希望二手能认真读进去,要么就完全没人用到。知识收藏着会变成无价的财物, 用了才算是自己的。 Passed this down to another person who may need it. It’s all right to let go of a book you don’t read or need. Knowledge Read More …

2017年1月28日农历新年祝福 Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings

Happy Chinese Lunar  New Year 2017 to all my Chinese friends around the world. Many have wondered if I could really speak Mandarin. Here is a video of me speaking Chinese. 我是一名会用华语演讲的马来同胞,我来自新加坡。 我有个哥哥和姐姐,从小父母亲都会鼓励我们一起和华族同胞成长,直到现在,父亲已经30多年离开了,我还是一直在享受一生的幸福,至少能掌握两种不同的语言。 目前我担任职务2016/2017年度中华总商会华语讲演会会员副会长,曾这个机会向大家祝新年快乐, 万事如意。

Learn Han Yu Pin Yin First Then Read Chinese? 要真正的掌握华文是不是应先学习拼音

Some people say that in order to master Mandarin language, the only way is to first learn Han Yu Pin Yin. I disagree with this viewpoint. Let’s talk about using the dictionary as a point of discussion. 要真正的掌握华文,唯一的办法就是要先学习拼音。我不赞成这观点。就从查字典的角度来谈吧。

Tags, Taglines, Tagging, Tagger And Tagged For Price, Facebook, Bag And English (Part 1)

What do price, Facebook, bags and the English Language have in common? It is tagging. Price tags, blog taglines, question tags, Facebook tags and bag tags. Facebook tags are like cancer cells in the bone. You can privatise or remove tags, but another one just pops up out of nowhere. If anything, it is always misused.