I Could Not Ask For More; I Do Have A Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter demonstrated this very Chinese saying : 先学做人,再学做事。It means that one must learn to how to behave and conduct oneself as a human being. Then and only then can one learn how to live like one. (take on responsibilities, do things etc.) Yesterday, I had a terrible migraine and this was what happened.

Singlish, A Brand Of English Language Of Singaporeans, Is Better Than NO English

Singapore is well-known for many things, one of which is ‘Singlish’, a term used to describe a unique brand of English spoken by the general Singaporeans. For Singaporeans, we speak and hear Singlish all the time; it is pointless to Read More …

A Beginner’s Secret Technique: Three Word Sentence Works Like Magic

If you are struggling to make sentences using a foreign language, why not try this secret technique? It is so simple yet many of us take it for granted. It is a personal secret of mine which has proven successful regardless of age and language. Share it with your friends, use it to teach your toddlers and make use of it when you are speaking a foreign language for the first time. It works like magic.

What Language Should You Speak To Your Pre-School Child, If You Know More Than One Language?

No matter how many languages my child can speak, she will only be at peace with speaking the languages her parents understands the most. It brings me back to the home where I grew up. My parents do not speak English, so we only speak Malay to them because we know they understand this language and therefore will understand us.

Writing Is A Way To Lose Your Memory, So Pay Attention

Contrary to popular belief, taking notes does not improve memory. It merely helps us store information in auxiliary memory, analogous to data and information in the computer which is stored for future use. I never understood this logic until recently when I wanted so badly to FORGET things I don’t want to remember.