Help Wanted To Learn Similes and Metaphors, Look Up Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”

Similies and metaphors are found in almost every genre of music. From Windows 8 commercial, “Everything At Once” by Lenka to Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”, music gives you so much more than just entertainment

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Hi Jean,

Thank you for your email. There are indeed loads of video tutorials on the web to learn just about anything. So I won’t go into details of what similes and metaphors are, rather I’d like to share with you about learning with confidence. Because you can’t learn anything unless you are confident of what you are doing is the right thing for you. Confidence drives you to achieve your goals a little better and faster.

In order to build my confidence, I always bear in mind a few pointers when I work on something that I feel unfamiliar or not confident with.


  • Always start from the basics, even if I already know it. As an analogy, when I leave home and close the door behind me, the first thing I remind myself is to lock the door and keep my keys in my bag. It is as basic as that. The routine is so familiar to us that we usually forget it is actually very important. If I have to read each syllable to read the word “im-por-tant” correctly, I’d do it.
  • Language is best learnt when I become more sensitive to the benefit it can give to me in relation to my immediate environment. I keep using new words or phrases even if I have no use for it at the time. How often do I use the word ‘thrice’ in my daily conversations? Probably never. Also, being familiar with the words does not necessarily breed contempt. You can’t hate a language; you can only feel uncomfortable listening to some of the words used by people in unpleasant situations whence they swear, quarrel and argue. So I have learnt not to be scared to listen to unpleasant words. “As white as a ghost.”
  • Never assume that I already know new words unless I have used it in the practical sense. This is a little bit hard for me because not everything I learn will be used right away. So I keep these as references in my cupboard. The word ‘reference’ literally suggests I can refer to them when I need them; I don’t have to commit everything I learn to memory, whether short or long term.
  • Repetition is my mother of learning. As much as I loathe doing it, it helps to read, listen and write as often as possible.

With these points in mind, gathering new information, resources and references becomes more enjoyable and purposeful.

Do you like listening to songs? I bet you do. Why not start by learning from songs? Pop songs are so easy to like and enjoy.

Well, I hope I have lead the way for you to embark on a learning journey about similes and metaphors. Here’s a video for you to start with.

Best regards


Yours sincerely

Hanifa K. Cook

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