When Virgin Is Not Cool, Broadband That Is….

It has been a few weeks since my last post. That’s because we are on vacation in . It is great to arrive in November because spring is still in season. The flowers have bloomed, the weather is cool and the bea

ches are not busy because the kids are still at school. A week went past after our arrival on the 5th November 2009 and I did not miss the . Well not until I realised I had to pay my bills! No internet! How am I supposed to make payment? Australia is big continent and one of the world’s most advanced nations. Yet, the internet connections in many residential areas in Central Coast are still so slow, you may as well just go back to using the telephone or text messaging using the mobile phones? 3G technology works very well but why would you want to pay to get connected for a chat on facebook or on the mobile phone. Text messaging is quite expensive too. 39 cents per text message on a prepaid card!

Anyway, we’ve finally got internet connection so I can now manage to update my blog. It is not all that great either as the connection is very slow. I have just entered my first 140 characters on twitter and I have not been able to update it for the next 30 minutes. That’s frustrating. It’s not Virgin Broadband that’s slowing down the connection. I do not think it is. Yet, one can’t help but feel it is not cool to be Virgin when you really need faster internet connection speed. Apart from the internet being frustratingly slow here at central coast, the vacation has been great so far.

When Virgin Is Not Cool, Broadband That Is....

When Virgin Is Not Cool, Broadband That Is....

3 thoughts on “When Virgin Is Not Cool, Broadband That Is….”

  1. Hope you are enjoying your vacation in Australia. How I wish I could visit there. Hey how about posting a picture of you doown under on your bog this really would ne great. I know if anyone deserves a vacation somewhere special its you. Know that I miss yu and wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I myself have been ill and my spine disease is getting worse I cannot spend alot of time sitting down at my computer. I wrote a post on my blogs about this in hopes that some of my friends and readers would share with me some of their blessings and donate something at http://dogcents.blogspot.com as you know I blog for donations to save the dogs there but since this my illness is geting worse I asked for donations to be able to get a laptop computer so I can blog from my bed propped up on pilows . Hopefully they will open up their hearts to me and help me with donations to get a laptop. My desktop is real slow and crashes often whre I cant blog for a few days at a time. Its dificult for me to have to ask for help oh I do not mind begging and asking for donations when it comes to my dogs and getting food for them or medicines but to have to ask for donations for myself thats different it makes me feel ashame. But I had to put my pride side and ask. Of course I have joined affilitate and publishers programs where placing their ads on my blogs pay if people click on my ads I joined Chitika and also Snap.com I hope this works out for me. At present the blog that paid 25.00 each month for the most votes you get well they quit paying the money. Well lets hope this workds out right for me and pray I get enough people to donate to me so I can keep blogging . Thanks for all your support and god comments that you left for me when you went and voted for me at http://bloginterviewer.com/animals/dogcents-ruth .. at at time when some fools were leaving filty and negative comments. Thank you for all your help and keep in touch Hugs Lilyruth….@lilruth
    .-= Lilyruth´s last blog ..Its Sad and Disgusting to be Forgotten =-.

  2. Many people actually do not like hot and humid weather in tropical climate. After experiencing a period of winter in Kashmir and Nepal, I must agree with you that winter can indeed be cold and miserable. I did not go to Gold Coast, it is too hot for us there. Most of the time, we spent our days in the Central Coast.

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