The Wonderful World Of Spanish 101 (2)

There are a lot of language learners who choose to simply because it is one of the most spoken languages in the world and a huge population of the planet can communicate in either as a or a second language. Spanish is an appealing language to learn and it is one of the most learned languages nowadays. People have seen and experienced the advantages of learning Spanish and they are encouraging more to learn the language.

Since it is a beginner lesson, today we will start with the basics: Numbers, Colors, and Alphabet.

The Numbers

1 – Uno
2 – Dos
3 – Tres
4 – Cuatro
5 – Cinco
6 – Seis
7 – Siete
8 – Ocho
9 – Nueve
10 – Diez
11 – Once
12 – Doce
13 – Trece
14 – Catorce
15 – Quince
16 – Diez y Seis
17 – Diez y Siete
18 – Diez y Ocho
19 – Diez y Nueve
20 – Veinte
21 – Veinte y Uno… and so on
30 – Treinta
40 – Cuarenta
50 – Cincuenta
60 – Sesenta
70 – Setenta
80 – Ochenta
90 – Noventa
100 – Cien

I’m posting the translation of the most important colors, of course there are more but lets stick with this ones for now.

The Colors
Red – Rojo
Green – Verde
Blue – Azul
Orange – Anaranjado or Naranja
White – Blanco
Black – Negro
Yellow – Amarillo
Pink – Rosado

This site is great, you can listen to the pronunciation of the letters in the Spanish alphabet, which changes a bit from the English one, since it has the famous letter Ñ.


The Wonderful World Of Spanish 101 (2)

I hope you enjoyed your lesson, keep in mind that practice is important, so practice your numbers and colours which will help you make some sentences in the next class.

Contributing Writer:
Mr Robert Padgett writes for AbroadLanguages.

Bi-monthly archived post. June 30th 2009

The Wonderful World Of Spanish 101 (2)

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  1. You know what? When I read White mean Blanco, I was pleasantly surprised because we use the word “Blanco” all the time here when we refer to erasing handwritten texts using a pen. “Blanco” is also used as a generic term to mean “correction tape”. Aaah! And the colour is also white! Now it makes sense and so much easier to remember. the colour. Thanks!

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