Michael Jackson – Childhood, Genius

The story of Michael Jackson’s (his Muslim name is “Mikaeel”) childhood touches me most. I published news of his auction in Feb 2009. Then I wrote: “We all know how childhood will affect the way we carry ourselves during adulthood, but none more dramatic than this man’s stories. There is no other kid who has affected so many people’s lives worldwide than .” Now, he is now forever gone.

I must say his songs more than anything else have touched our lives. In the ’80s, most people didn’t have computers or video games to keep them entertained. So was the main thing that kept our families together. If you accept a celebrity as part of your life, listening to his music and following his stories, you tend to look past the ugly side as you have embraced his music.

My 8 year old daughter heard of him for the first time after his death and within two days she was already learning his music, “Heal the world”. She could play the tune just listening to it by ear. That’s how Michael did touch us….even an 8 year old kid could learn to play it. He is a genius in that regard. I tell here she has a musical ear and she could make many happy like Michael. She is empowered just knowing how easy it is for her to play the music of a superstar. We as adults have learned of his ugliness but in children, they connect only to the purity of one’s intention.

Michael Jackson - Childhood, Genius

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