Success With Spanish On Twitter

This is my latest progress update on my online Spanish learning programme.

I discovered that I could and practise other from an a site called . Twitter is highly recommended if you desire to look up quick updates on what your colleagues, families and co-workers are doing.

Twitter users consists of people from all over the world who tweet, (as they call it), in their own languages other than English. When someone wants to follow your online and offline activities, they follow you. Right now, I have followers who are from Italy, Spain, Hongkong and Beijing, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, America. If I opt to follow them, I will see their reports and updates on my dashboard, as you see in this video. Click here.

Twitter gives you about 140 characters per tweet, which means if you have to keep your tweets simple and clear so others will understand you. I rarely have time enough to write long emails, let alone write long messages, so this is really great. You can send messages in as many languages as you want. The President Barrack Obama and many other famous and successful entrepreneurs have all been spotted on twitter.

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Success With Spanish On Twitter

4 thoughts on “Success With Spanish On Twitter”

  1. Awesome post hiannie. Really nice video. I’m really proud of you =) See you on twitter 😉

  2. You can learn languages on twitter? Wow thought twitter was all about letting people know about what you are doing every minute. How are you using that to learn Spannish?

  3. Twitter friends greet and bid goodbye to one another. So there is always repetition of greetings. Overtime, you know exactly when someone comes in the room, to say good morning, he will do it in his language.

    Then of course, he starts tweeting in no more than 140 characters and exchange greetings with you. So far, I am already learning Italian and Spanish and responding confidently.

    Sweet eh?

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