Learn Spanish March Update

The time has come for my monthly language update. So what have I learned this month?

I dared myself to write my first sentence in Spanish but I am not ready. Writing has to come later, after speech. I have spent time reading tweets in Spanish and occassionally browse Spanish-English bilingual websites to aquaint myself with Spanish written lingo. I also watch Spanish cartoons on television. Don’t laugh, my Spanish is still at kindergarten level but I am determined to learn , the way. I have to keep practising making simple sentences.

I did manage to respond successfully to greetings “Saludos” and saying goodbye ” Despedidas”, without having to refer to the dictionary or translation.

Rocket Spanish (Free 6 day course):

Here’s a screenshot of my gmail; you can see how committed Mauricio, the Spanish teacher is. I joined them in July 2008. I am still receiving his updates. It is only during the last 3 months since January 2009 when I began to work on the programme, once a week. There is no payment to be made to get your 1st 6 day free course. So Go for it now.

Learn Spanish March Update

I found some friends who send messages in Spanish on twitter. It has become less and less awkward to get thinking in Spanish. I am already thinking in 4 other languages so focus is very important in my case. My next step is to start speaking these greeting words and pronounce them well.

¡Hasta luego!

Learn Spanish March Update

Learn Spanish March Update

5 thoughts on “Learn Spanish March Update”

  1. Olá. Muchas Gracias por su visita en mi blog.

    I hope you understood that. Anyway, you have a very interesting topic going on here and I will need more time to explore it further. Just dropped by to say thanks (see above in Spanish), and to wish you much success. Have a nice day. Following you now on your Friend Connect as well.

  2. Hi, thanks for this article. I think that watching cartoons or reading a couple of children’s books is a great idea to start practicing your language. It will help you a lot and also you will begin to communicate with others even if its at a kindergarden level.
    Also using twitter can help you practice your grammar, since small messages are easy to write when you are learning a new language and you have enough time to think what you want to write and don’t have the same pressure to answer fast as when you are speaking in that language with someone else. Thanks for the twitter tip, I hadn’t thought about it.

    Te deseo suerte con tus clases de español!

  3. Annie,
    I made great progresses when I spent a month looking at movies on tapes with earphones, and stopping it to open the dictionnary. In the afternoon I had Spanish classes. You can also live in a country, and think it will come effortlessly, but that is not the case! 🙂

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