Micheal Jackson Auction 2009

It’s going going on! The King Of Pops who is better recognised as just , the man whose face has been changed more times than we can remember, is now on the limelight again. Is his health ailing? Is he going to court again? Whatever the reasons, Michael Jackson will have lots of collections and memoribilia on auction come April ’09.

He is so world famous, that he was even more than video games. As he grew more popular, the dark side of his begun to emerge. He had to cope with abuse and loneliness, being the most talented and gifted in the Jackson family. We all know how childhood will affect the way we carry ourselves during adulthood, but none more dramatic than this man’s stories. There is no other kid who has affected so many people’s lives worldwide than Michael Jackson.

The auction of Michael Jackson’s personal property and collections will take place between April 22nd-25th 2009. The Julien’s Auction has indicated the times and dates of the exhibition. Portion of the proceeds of the auction will go to Benefiting MusicCare.

9900 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, California 90210
Adjacent to The Beverly Hilton
April 14th – April 21st (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Daily)
$20.00 per person for Exhibition and Auction
Designed by WRJ Design Associates, LLC

Source: Julien Auctions

Watch it live on April 22nd and 25th on auction site, Auctionnetwork

For fans of Micheal Jackson, you may wish to check this website for selling or buying of your MJ collectibles and memoribilia. Click here.

Micheal Jackson Auction 2009

Micheal Jackson Auction 2009

4 thoughts on “Micheal Jackson Auction 2009”

  1. Looks like the sign of times has caught up:) Wonder if MJ has also been hit by the financial crisis. I like him and I remember dancing an awful lot with his music. I have two kids and I sure hope that they get the treatment necessary to have a clear mind for the future.

  2. I suppose if he is hit by the financial crisis, he will not have wished proceeds to go to MusicCare. What I heard was his health is not good. We will probably hear more as the time draws near.

  3. We all feel such a sense of loss and sorrow at the passing of such a gifted and talented artist. He blazed his own trail in dance and music with his talent withstanding the test of time.

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