Spanish Song. Guantanamera.

While on vacation in Australia, we went for horse ride. One of ladies who was helping the boss explained to us the song Guantanemera.

I have been working on understanding the formation of the language. It is not so hard as one might think, but unlike English or Mandarin, or even Tamil, oral Spanish tends to articulate every single letter sounds in a word. That really is challenging for tongue twisting practice, which is essential when it comes to speaking a language well.

This is how I am approaching my Spanish lessons, style:
– Listening practice:- At least 3 months
– Speech formation practice: 3 months.
– Work with transliteration not translations. This is tricky because how do you know if you are learning from the right source, that is someone who really knows how to pronounce it?

This is my challlenge for the year 2009. Follow me.

How was I inspired to learn Spanish? Read here.

Spanish Song. Guantanamera.

One thought on “Spanish Song. Guantanamera.”

  1. I guess the childhood speech way is the best way. I know they have a rolled “r” in spannish, but didnt know that they actually stress every single alphabet.

    So the Spannish have the best tongues 🙂

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